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Wait, hold up... :iconbirdtendo:birdtendo 0 0
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What my thoughts are??? :iconbirdtendo:birdtendo 0 0
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Wait, hold up...
so my mans went to Islam... ok... hate to judge... THERE ARE GREASY PUNJABBERS DOWN THERE!!!
My experience with YouTube as of now.
It gon be a long list. Trust me.

YouTube has been around with us ever since 2005. Its a way of uploading our lifestyles to the internet in a specific format, called a video, with the first ever one of a guy's experience with a zoo (which zoo's are kinda shit, they jacked off the animals, or sumfink). Years after years, our well known senpai grew up to have specific ground rules, such as advertising, guidline & copyright strikes, and advertising, which kinda fell apart, to me.
When I first got YouTube on a phone my parents got for me, it kinda sucked when it came to mobile, for we had Telus before we moved to shaw, and the thing that sparked my fuse was the process of my phone being so goddamn slow, it caused the quality to go down & the buffering to take long, which resulted in my phone to be destroyed (Thanks UnlistedLeaf, ya fuckin annoying aussie). From then on, I had to navigate through my nintendo 3ds (which is on the verge of being broken, thanks to a nasty crack), it wasn't the same, with warnings saying the display is too fuckin large, and video thumbnails showing this annoying icon (YOUR POLICY IS A BIG FUCKIN BAG OF PROBLEMS, NOT SUN FUCKIN SHINE). That is until my parents got me a laptop, which I'm currently on right now.
It's... ok. The buffering & the quality improved, not showing up much, but the thought of using a specific file to upload a video kinda got me there. I had a nice video editing software for my videos, in which I only made 2, one being my channel almost being in the final cut, and the other being vol. 1 of my PokeRap, only made it. (spoilers) I was going to upload a video explaining my top 5 baby pokemon (spoilers), but when I tried saving it, i couldn't, for I was using the trial version. The ads on YouTube are telling me to use this software to upload my videos faster, but when I tested it out, omg they were fuckin brainless, for it didn't go in right.
Going back to the ads, I only appreciated it when they were english, speaking in such a good matter that I can actually understand, but then, at some point for no goddamn reason, they said 'lets make it french, for we are funny', and my ears couldn't fuckin take it. All this and that about croissant orgies is so frikkin annoying, I'm grunting with anger, wondering when god will grab me, take me to the sky, and say 'hey, wanna chill?'.
Also, the fact for an accurate size for your cover art on a youtube channel is so messed up, I had to resize mine up.
So yea. Thats all I gotta say about YouTube. Started ok, got popular, fucked up. YouTube, if you find this post, please, do me a solid, and help me.

Unofficial Groudon EX
The person that makes the land before time crashes into the TCG!!!
BTW Pokemon EX Has been saved. We'll be expecting MCameruptEX & MSharpedoEX by Easter.


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Total Pokemon Fan!!!!!!



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